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Stephenson (MK) Trust was founded in April 2012 to take responsibility for The Gatehouse School in Milton Keynes, which closed at the end of March 2012 and reopened in April 2012 as Stephenson Academy. Stephenson Academy, an SEMH academy in Milton Keynes, was the first sponsored special school academy in the country and the sponsors are St Paul’s Catholic School in Milton Keynes and SERCO. The sponsors worked closely and productively with officers from Milton Keynes Council and the DfE to launch the academy successfully. 

Stephenson (MK) Trust became a multi-academy Trust with the Trust taking responsibility for Bridge Academy in October 2013. Bridge Academy is the Alternative Provision for secondary age pupils in Milton Keynes and is central to the development of the Milton Keynes Secondary Inclusion Partnership comprising all mainstream, secondary school and the Local Authority. Kathie Hughes became the new CEO in September 2023.

Since the academies became part of the Trust their foundations and outcomes are now secure. The outcomes for both academies place them in the upper reaches of their peers in the country whether for examination outcomes, attendance or exclusions. Both academies were judged to be Good in their most recent Ofsted inspections. Both academies are at the forefront of developments in such areas as therapeutic care, curriculum developments and working with parents for the good of the children.

Stephenson Academy has grown from a base of 22 students when The Gatehouse School closed to well over 80 students currently. Bridge Academy usually reaches its target of 195 students earlier in each academic year than the previous one. In September 2019, the Trust opened a joint Post-16 provision for Bridge Academy and Stephenson Academy students.

On 1 November 2022, Milton Keynes Primary Pupil Referral Unit, MKPPRU, joined the Trust as a separate Academy, supporting up to 40 primary aged pupils. The Trust had supported MKPPRU for a number of years and also facilitated the development of the Primary Inclusion Partnership which mirrors the developments in the mainstream secondary sector which Bridge Academy supports. Kathie Hughes is the partnership officer for both the secondary and primary inclusion partnerships.

Stephenson (MK) Trust aims to continue to work closely with Milton Keynes Local Authority, other neighbouring Local Authorities, special schools in Milton Keynes, mainstream secondary schools and those interested in the good of the Trust and its work for the benefit of those that the Trust serves.


Jo-Anne Hoarty
Stephenson (MK) Trust

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