Stephenson (MK) Trust Scheme of Delegation

Responsibilities of: Members, Trustees, Audit Committee and LGBs

Governance Arrangements

Reserved to the Members

  • To be signatories to the articles of association which includes the definition of the Trust’s charitable object and governance structure.
  • To be the guardians of the governance of the Trust
  • Appoint and remove the trustees. The Members appointed by the Governing Body of St Paul’s Catholic School are responsible for appointing 4 Trustees. The Member appointed by Serco Plc is responsible for appointing 2 Trustees. The Members are jointly responsible for the removal of a Trustee.
  • Ensure that the aims of Stephenson (MK) Trust are achieved.
  • Sign off the Trust’s accounts and Annual Report.
  • Appoint and remove the Auditors.

Reserved to the Board of Trustees

  • Appointment and ratification of Trust appointed Governors for a 4-year term of office.
  • Ensure that elections are held for Parent and Staff Governors for 4 year elected terms of office.
  • Ensure that appointments are sought for LA Appointed Governors to the LGBs for a 4-year term of office.
  • Annual ratification of the elected Chair and Vice-Chair of the LGBs.
  • Disposal of any significant asset valued over £25,000
  • Approval of financial plans and individual academy budgets
  • Approval of the Accounts and submission to Companies House
  • Entering into or disposing of any lease to land
  • Employ the staff working for the Trust
  • Such other matters as required by legislation

Reserved to the Board of Trustees with advice from LGBs

  •  Approval of the annual timetable of Board meetings, format of Board agendas and maintenance of minutes
  • Approval of a Scheme of Delegation
  • Require and receive the hospitality received and declarations of trustees and governors, monitoring interests that may conflict with those of the Group and determine the manner in which such conflicts will be managed
  • Approve arrangements for dealing with complaints
  • Adopt/ review/ amend the organisational, management and control structures, processes and procedures required to further the aims of the Group’s objects
  • Receive reports from governing bodies, and agree/reject any recommendations presented to the Board
  • Ratify any urgent decisions taken by the Chair
  • Hold responsibility for registering the Group and providing further information, as requested, to the Charity Commission and Companies House where appropriate, or to advise if the Group ceases to exist
  • Agree procedures for the effective evaluation of the board
  • Nominate and elect a trustee to serve in the positions of Chair of the Board of Trustees and Vice Chair
  • Approve the appointment of trustees of the Board
  • Put in place effective procedures for the succession planning of the Board
  • Appoint, appraise and dismiss the Board Secretary, where applicable
  • Agree procedures for the effective appraisal of individual trustees
  • Consider, approve/reject proposals regarding remuneration about salary and benefits of senior management staff, where appropriate
  • Appointment of the Executive Principal, in consultation with the LGBs
  • Agree procedures for the effective appraisal of the Executive Principal
  • Dismissal of Executive Principal by the Trust
  • Approval of any Executive Board structure and remuneration
  • Final decision in appeals in line with the Group’s whistle blowing, disciplinary and grievance policies
  • Approval of remuneration of external auditors, their re-appointment or removal, in line with legislation and the requirements of The Trust’s Articles of Association
  • Appointment of the Trust’s lawyers
  • Appointment of insurers
  • Approval and appointment of the Trust’s professional advisers and consultants, and to determine their remuneration.

 Chair of Board of Trustees

  • Lead on the appraisal of the Executive Principal and setting of objectives

Delegated to/ responsibility of Board of Trustee, LGBs, Executive Principal

  • Chair of Governors for Stephenson Academy and Bridge Academy must report to the next Board meeting any items approved under delegated authority

  • Chair of Governors must produce a Chair’s report for the Board meeting, outlining the items for discussion and information. Full minutes are to be made available to Trustees upon request

  • Nominations & Governance

  • Annually review the current size, structure, skills and composition of the Board and recommend any changes to the Board

  • Lead on the preparatory work for Board effectiveness reviews

  • Ensure that the governance policies are fit for purpose, and make relevant recommendations to the Board as necessary

  • Review of governance development needs and advice regarding commissioning of appropriate support

  • Manage the Trustee recruitment process

  • Make a recommendation to the Board on the appointment of Trustees

  • Approve the appointment and dismissals of Chairs of Governors and Governors to the LGBs, on the recommendation of management, and report approvals to the next Board meeting

  • Annually review the summary appraisals of Chairs of LGBs and approve Chairmanship renewal

  • Approve/reject the recommendation of management following any investigation into a complaint received against a Governor

  • Receive the outcome of the Executive Principal’s appraisal from the Chair of the Board, and make a recommendation to the Board regarding Executive Principal remuneration

  • Review and agree the Executive Principal’s annual targets for recommendation to the Board

  • Receive the outcome of appraisals and make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees regarding remuneration

  • Consider and review the performance management policy and make a recommendation to the Board

  • Review and agree salary levels for all staff, taking account of such matters as inflation, and make recommendation to the Board SLT and LGBs staff - delegated to Executive Principal

  • Review and recommend to the Board the pension arrangements for the Trust

  • The appointment of new bankers or new investment managers, with the Board being informed of any changes.

Delegated to/ responsibility of the Executive Principal

  • Support in the development and operation of the Trust’s governance framework, including:

- liaison with lawyers and regulators

- identification and notification of changes in regulatory requirements and  developments in governance good practice

- support in the processes of trustee appointment, induction and development

-  external planning and organisation of Board meetings, including preparation and circulation of agendas, papers, and draft minutes, in consultation with the Chair

  • Authority to attend any meeting of the Trust's LGBs
  • Report to the next Board meeting any items approved under delegated authority
  • Prepare the necessary reports to support and provide confidence to the Board in matters reserved for their authority
  • Appointment of clerks of the LGBs
  • Approve Compromise Agreements within limits of financial delegation and submit to the LGB for oversight
  • Set salary levels for all staff, taking account of such matters as inflation, and make recommendation to the LGB
  • Dismissal of the Academy Principal, in consultation with the LGB
  • Development of the Board of Trustees structure approval
  • To carry out, or delegate to appropriate nominee, the appraisal and development of members of the Executive Board and Academy Principals
  • Management of the Trust’s staff in line with approved HR strategy and policies
  • To carry out any investigations in relation to suspended governors, reporting findings and recommendations to the Chair of the LGB for approval. 

Delegated to/ responsibility of LGB

  • Provide challenge and support to the Executive Principal in equal measure
  • To provide scrutiny and challenge in relation to all matters of the academy – both Operational and Educational performance
  • Transparent and accountable, including in terms of governance structures, attendance at meetings, and contact with parents and carers
  • Annually review the performance of the LGB
  • Adopt the Academy’s formal policies and amend the permitted policies as appropriate (see policy section below)
  • Approve an annual forward plan of LGB meetings and submit to Trustees and LGBs in July for the academic year ahead
  • Ensure that the academy fulfils its statutory duties in relation to Special Educational Needs, Safeguarding, Teacher’s Pay Progression, and Pupil Premium grant spend
  • To submit the minutes of the LGB meeting to the Chair of the LGB within 20 working days of the LGB meeting
  • Monitor the preparation of the academy’s Self-Evaluation Framework report
  • Monitor the preparation and implementation of the Academy’s School Development Plan
  • Organise appropriate procedures to elect or appoint new parent members of the LGB
  • Appoint a Pupil Premium Governor
  • Appoint a Safeguarding Governor
  • Appointment of Vice Chairs of LGBs
  • Appoint a Governor with responsibility for Governor Induction, Training and Development
  • Suspend a governor of the LGB where necessary, and report to the Board of Trustees immediately
  • To approve the pay progression of all teaching staff, with the exception of the Principal
  • To adhere to the scheme of financial delegation in relation to staffing structure of the academy
  • To ensure the whole LGB fully understands how the school makes decisions about teachers’ salary progression (Ofsted)
  • To contribute to the performance management of the Executive Principal (Ofsted)
  • Recommendations to the LGB on the outcome of the pay progression decision making, with the exception of the Executive Principal
  • To oversee the staff appointments process and recommend any changes to the LGB
  • To adopt the teachers’ performance appraisal policy, pay policy and capability policy
  • To approve and have representation in respect of the Senior Leadership Team recruitment process and appointments, on the recommendation of the Executive Principal
  • To approve the suspension of academy staff, with the exception of the Executive Principal. Report to the next LGB meeting and inform Chair of the Trust immediately
  • To review the implementation and impact of the performance management policy and associated professional development opportunities.
  • Working Arrangements:
    • Annually review the skills of members of the LGB and use these to determine the skills needed in new Governors on appointment as well as to inform the Training and Development Plan.
    • Ensure that there is in place a process of Induction for new Governors and the provision of Governor Mentors
    • Set LGB agenda items to match issues from the School Development Plan at appropriate times.
    • Delegation of responsibilities for:
      • Curriculum/Teaching & Learning
      • Finance, Buildings & Personnel
      • Safeguarding & Pastoral Care

to pairs of Governors who will report on these areas at each LGB meeting supported by the relevant senior member of staff.

  • Ensure that reports which must appear on the school website are complete and on the website in a timely and accurate way.
  • Ensure that a Governor Visits’ programme is scheduled for each academic year and that each visit is reported to the LGB.

 Policy Determination: 

Reserved to The Board of Trustees with advice from LGBs

  • Approval of Board level policies.

Delegated to/responsibility of the Executive Principal and LGBs

  • To prepare for review/ amendment/ approval the Board level policies.
  • Responsible for the implementation of policies approved by the Board of Trustees and LGBs

Delegated to/responsibility of LGB

  • Ensuring that they are aware of all policies which apply to the Academy, which have been approved at Board of Trustee level and passed to Academies for use
  • Approval of local procedures required for the operational implementation of policies

Delegated to/responsibility of the Executive Principal

  • Preparation of any local procedures that are required for the operational implementation of policies

 Audit and Risk: 

Reserved to The Board of Trustees with advice from LGBs

  • To consideration the appointment of external auditors, in line with legal requirements and those of the Trust’s articles
  • To receive and note the annual management letter from the external auditor and agree the proposed course of action, taking into consideration the recommendations of the governing body, where appropriate
  • To receive and note reports from the internal audit function and agree remedial action, where appropriate
  • To consider significant issues arising from the work of appointed auditors
  • To approve the Trust’s Risk Management Strategy

Delegated to/responsibility of LGBs

  • Oversight of the annual independent external audit
  • To review and recommend to the Board matters regarding the selection, appointment, performance and fees of external auditors
  • Review and recommend to the Board regarding the findings of external audit, management response and preparation of Annual Report and Accounts
  • Regular in depth scrutiny and advice to the Board on the Trust’s systems of audit and control risk management and compliance
  • Initial investigation of any actual or potential breaches of the law, regulatory requirements and/or Group policy and procedure and to advise the Board of actions required
  • Recommend to the Board the Trust’s policies and procedures for internal control and the management of risk and protection of the Trust’s property (including insurance).

Delegated to/responsibility of the Executive Principal

  • Management of relationships with internal and external auditors
  • Maintenance of systems of internal control and assurance

Delegated to/responsibility of LGBs

  • To review the Academy’s compliance of the requirements Trust’s monitoring and reporting requirements, ensuring timely submission and providing quality assurance of content
  • To receive and take appropriate action to mitigate against most significant academy risks and issues
  • To ensure that the academy is compliant with all Trust policies
  • To consider and respond appropriately to recommendations made by external and internal auditors
  • Monitor implementation of the academy’s Health & Safety policy
  • To approve and keep under review the Academy risk register

Delegated to/responsibility of the Executive Principal

  • Oversight of the submission of the Trust’s monitoring and reporting requirements
  • To implement the agreed actions in relation to recommendations of the internal and external auditors
  • To manage all academy risks and issues through the maintenance of an academy risk register reporting top risks and issues to the LGB and Executive Principal.

 Strategy and Business Planning: 

Reserved to The Board of Trustees with advice from LGBs

  • Define and agree the strategic aims and objectives of the Trust
  • Scrutiny and challenge of the progress against the Trust’s strategic aims
  • Early approval of the outline strategic direction and process for strategy development, including plans for stakeholder consultation
  • Approve/amend proposals for the delivery/cessation of delivery of programmes to further the charitable objects or changes to the Trust’s activities
  • Apply charitable property to the furtherance of the charity’s objects
  • Approval of variations to the approved plans where these constitute a significant shift in strategy, or constitute a significant risk to the Trust’s reputation
  • Receive and review such reports from members of the Trust’s leadership pertaining to the activities of the organisation in furtherance with the charitable objects
  • Receive and review reports from the Executive Principal pertaining to meeting the Trust’s goals as agreed in the strategic and business plans.

Delegated to/responsibility of the Executive Principal and LGBs

  • Early consultation with the Board about the Trust’s future direction and strategic planning process
  • Development of the Trust’s Strategic Plan for Board consideration and approval
  • Responsible for ensuring the achievement of the Trust’s strategic objectives and reporting to the Board on progress against this.

Delegated to/responsibility of the LGBs

  • To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the Academy in line with the strategic direction of the Trust
  • Scrutiny, challenge and approval of the draft Academy improvement plan
  • Scrutiny and challenge of the progress against the Academy’s strategic objectives, improvement plan and self-evaluation framework
  • Annually approve the Academy’s Development plan.

Delegated to/responsibility of Academy Executive Principal

  • To prepare and recommend a draft academy improvement plan and self-evaluation to the LGB
  • To present the Executive Principal’s report at each LGB covering all aspects of the improvement priorities.

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