SMSC and British Values

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) development is the overarching umbrella that encompasses personal development, within the curriculum and throughout the holistic educational package offered at Stephenson (MK) Trust at Stephenson Academy, Bridge Academy and the Milton Keynes Primary PRU. Our SMSC statement also includes how we incorporate British Values and prepare our students to be responsible and positive citizens and contributors to the wider world when they leave.

SMSC is highlighted in the curriculum and in our schemes of work. It is covered in the curriculum but also in pastoral opportunities both in and out of the classroom. 

SMSC opportunities may include:

 Discussions around current events in tutor time

  • Celebrations of particular religious festivals during the year
  • Marking of historical events, (e.g. MK Schools Remembrance parade in Coffee Hall)

Themed months e.g: Black History Month, LGBTQ+ month

Sharing knowledge of cultural events and experiences through trips and visits to galleries, theatres and museums.

Students being able to express themselves through art, music, drama and debate.

Students having their voice heard through Student Council and being involved in the local community (Youth Parliament).

SMSC and British values are integrated as a strand in the daily practice of holistic education across the Trust.

We model and practice with our students: positive communication and interaction, how to manage our emotions, learning about self-care and mental health and wellbeing, socialising appropriately at mealtimes, celebrating success together in assemblies.

We acknowledge the multicultural society and encourage tolerance of others’ beliefs and their views on what it means to be British in the 21st century.